Roof Repair

Extend the life of your home’s roof instead of replacing it.

Repair vs. Replacement

Proper roof repair prevents costly replacement because it maintains the integrity of the entire roofing system and all of its components, guaranteeing its performance. It also solves the originating source of roof issues like hard to find leaks. When it’s done to manufacturer specification, it maintains the existing roof warranty.

Repair can extend a roof’s life when worn components are replaced before total failure. In dire situations roof repairs serve as temporary alternatives to complete replacement.

Exact vs Like-Kind

In order to maintain existing warranties, manufacturers require exact or like-kind replacement of specific roof components. For older roofs still under warranty, manufacturers offer legacy or like-kind replacement that match color and style.

Roof Repair Categories

Normal Wear & Tear

Like any material, roofing components only last so long. While today’s component materials, often come with  long lifespans, most roofs over 10 years old show significant signs of wear and tear. Individual components failing and needing replacement.

Storm Damage

Outside of neglected maintenance, storm damage is the #1 cause of roof repairs. Central Texas experiences hail storms and high wind events which cause impact damage and wind-related damage. Occasional, heavy rains can often cause damage to the structural integrity of main roofing components.

Trades & Pests

Animals and insects chew on loose pieces of roofing material. Trades may attach structures to the roof, piercing it, causing long term water damage to the roof and internal structures.

Roof Repair Types

Short Term Repairs

Solves leaks and minor roofing issues temporarily. Short term repairs are not ideal for long term solutions.

Mid Tier Repair

Replaces missing shingles, worn roof components, and remedies issues typically found after minor storm damage.

Extensive Repair

Repairs entire roof layers, including structural components of the inner roof when extensive storm damage from hailstorms and high winds strike.

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