Insurance Claims

Working with your insurance to restore your home.

Streamlined Insurance Claims

We work with most home insurance companies to provide homeowners a streamlined process for filing insurance claims and getting repair or re-roofing work done. We provide insurance agents and companies with all of the required documentation that they need upfront. This empowers homeowners, shortens the claim cycle, and allows roofers to restore the roof faster.

Insurance Claims & Deductibles

The roofing restoration process usually requires homeowners to work with their insurance providers on their deductible. Unless your home insurance policy allows it, there is no way to avoid a deductible. The insurance company will only cover the cost of repair or replacement according to their guidelines.

Homeowners should be wary of special offers that offset the cost of the deductible. Those offers require unauthorized materials and improper installation to reduce the cost of the roof repair or replacement.

Maintain Your Roof Warranty

Exact vs Like-Kind Replacement

Manufacturers design roof systems to last a lifetime. In order to maintain the roof’s integrity, only exact replacement components should be used. In the case where materials are dated or no longer offered, manufacturers offer like-kind replacements that perform equally well.


Top manufacturers have very specific installation and repair procedures that govern the performance of roofing systems. Any deviation from the material, component, or installation guidelines will result in a voided warranty. It’s vitally important that your roofer follows manufacturer guidelines for repair and replacement.

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